Hermanez - REMEDIO


12 Inch

All Day I Dream / ADID081

Front View : Hermanez - REMEDIO - All Day I Dream / ADID081
Back View : Hermanez - REMEDIO - All Day I Dream / ADID081

All Day I Dream welcomes Hermanez, very emotional Music

Sound designer, DJ & Producer Hermanez is in constant evolution, always looking for new targets and challenges to experiment with uncommon, innovative languages through music. For his latest imaginative offering, the Belgium-based artist is teaming up with equally whimsical imprint All Day I Dream to send listeners off into sublime grooves via the Remedio EP.

The project embarks on its placid journey with ‘Alavanca,’ an intentionally introspective track complete with soft-touch percussion and vast soundscapes. This breathable atmosphere offers curative melodies and other sonic elements that lend to the idea one can experience a journey through sonic suggestion. ‘Tale of the Unexpected’ steers the project back into a more punchy, attentive direction. Slowly rising synths build over the first few minutes, before bending into the forefront with warped and winding arp effects. ‘Areia’ is yet even more lively, with woofering percussion leading the listener into deep progressions that spill out into a melodious keys-based arrangement. ‘Wutaf’ wraps up the EP with a lighthearted conclusion that reminds fans of the joyous feeling of wellness experienced in this All Day I Dream universe.
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