Gnork - LOST IN X



12" Vinyl UK

Earth Plates / EPZ002

Front View : Gnork - LOST IN X - Earth Plates / EPZ002
Back View : Gnork - LOST IN X - Earth Plates / EPZ002

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Phat bassheavy breakish / Techno / Electro Killa

417th January, 20019. Szabi just arrived home from his 240 hour flight from X. He was lying in bed for a couple of days, too lazy to dress, talk or feel terrible. Also, he realized something weird. As if his presence was only physical and a crucial part of him was missing. As if his consciousness was being faked and his real self was stuck back there, in that strange underwater galaxy. He still felt that cold, damp sensation on his inner skin, and his mind was trapped in a stream of looping music that felt really alien but desperately familiar at the same time.

Introducing Earth Plates’ second pressing, Gnork’s latest EP, Lost in X. The Budapest based producer takes his signiture sound further, deeper, and more refined. Wonder how that would sound like? Imagine underwater infused with outer space, chunky electro beats with dusty organs, dark wharehouse vibes with soul wrenching satellite bleeps, 707 drums with cheesy synth solos. Or just listen to the previews and secure a copy for yourself. If you do, you’ll get a plate that might be very useful, either when playing to some lost souls in a dark club or curing your jetlag while sipping bwokando. [info sheet from distr.]
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