Atomnation / ATM085V / ATMV085 / 05202531

Front View : Gidge - NEW LIGHT (2LP) - Atomnation / ATM085V / ATMV085 / 05202531
Back View : Gidge - NEW LIGHT (2LP) - Atomnation / ATM085V / ATMV085 / 05202531

The 4th album from Swedish duo Gidge on double vinyl.

Gidge - the Swedish duo consisting of Ludvig Stolterman and Jonatan Nilsson - return with their new album “New Light” on November 6th. Marking their 5th release on Atomnation, this LP can be seen as their second full-length album to date, following up 2014’s mythical “Autumn Bells” LP.

Gidge makes electronic music that is shaped by recordings of Swedish nature. It’s both comfortable on the dance floor and in a more relaxing environment. Each and every Gidge track creates its own sense of atmosphere and emotion, whether that is nostalgia, rest, or epicness. Their work evolves naturally, often building to powerful peaks from a silent break that is tweaked with vocal samples, crackles of field recordings, and neo-classical influences.

“New Light” features 9 new tracks where Gidge worked on for about 3 years long. The album is signature for people that are familiar with the music from Gidge, yet, it can be seen as their most eclectic work to date. Ludvig and Jonatan refined the production technique on their new album by intensifying the sound palette with analog synthesis and crispy hi-hats. The track “Perimeter” might be the perfect example of this - spanning over exactly 10 minutes, the intensity of the synths in combination with the sharp hats throughout are absolutely fire.

While often being adored by the inspiration that is drawn from the forest, nature, and the Norrlands of Sweden (and rightly so), the music of Gidge has actually been of an absolute international caliber and is listened to by people from all over the world. Gidge sold out club-tour shows in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, and Stockholm, and played their live-set to crowds on festivals in Mexico, Georgia, Canada, and Thailand. Blogs such as Pigeons & Planes, A Closer Listen, and Ransom Note wrote about their music - Pitchfork staffers chose Gidge amongst their favorite artists to listen to on snowy days - XLR8R readers voted Gidge to the #01 spot of ‘best new electronic act’ in 2015 - Bandcamp highlighted “LNLNN” as ‘album of the day’ in 2017. The list goes on…

Rooted in the city of Umea, Sweden, Jonatan Nilsson and Ludvig Stolterman became friends through a shared love of electronic music. Their discography includes the album “Autumn Bells”, short-film “Lulin” (in collaboration with Lampray), mini-album “LNLNN”, and debut EP “For Seoul”. [info sheet from distr.]
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