Felix Kubin - TXRF

Felix Kubin

TXRF (2X12)

2x12" Vinyl D

Its / Its008

Front View : Felix Kubin - TXRF (2X12) - Its / Its008
Back View : Felix Kubin - TXRF (2X12) - Its / Its008

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Total Reflection X-ray Fluorescence (TXRF) is a method used to analyze the surfaces of materials by firing extremely flat X-rays.Subsequently, the physicist Joachim Knoth (1941-2004) developed a patent for precise measurement of defects in semiconductor chips.In 10 sequenced based electronic miniatures,Felix Kubin, who presently consists of dangerous uninsulated powerlines,conducts the TXRF through an acoustical test arrangement.The experiment consists solely of a synthesizer, filter and sequencer.

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