Eliott Litrowski - LONG STORY SHORT

Eliott Litrowski


12" NL


Front View : Eliott Litrowski - LONG STORY SHORT - OOSSHA / OOSSHA004
Back View : Eliott Litrowski - LONG STORY SHORT - OOSSHA / OOSSHA004

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Incl DMX Krew Remix

Paris is burning! And Eliott Litrowski lit the match with his latest EP for OOSSHA. The producer from France once saw the light in the famous Rex club in Paris but has a profound love for Dutch underground dance music. He previously released singles on Moustache and Bordello a Parigi and now debuts on Utrecht based SoHaSo sublabel OOSSHA. On his Long Story Short EP, Litrowski combines the boldness of Dutch west coast electro with the flair and finesse of French techno, while throwing in a hint of sweet flavoured Italo vibes. A good example is Blind Pilot, which is both frivolous and funky. Or jump the needle to Cereal Funk, where the dry hi-hats and wild arpeggio's give more than a nod to Dopplereffekt, while staying in fourth gear. No wonder the track gets a remix treatment by Ed DMX, who turns Cereal Funk into a proper electro monster without losing the core futuristic elements. Long story short, Litrowski's music is both playful, quirky and tailor made for clubs.

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