Drei Farben House - FINAL CALL EP

Drei Farben House



Polytone / PLTR002

Front View : Drei Farben House - FINAL CALL EP - Polytone / PLTR002
Back View : Drei Farben House - FINAL CALL EP - Polytone / PLTR002

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Played by Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Timo Maas, D Julz, Bart Skills and more! Polytone remains in deep territories and has signed two of the most exciting tracks of Drei Farben House (Brut!) so far. On Final Call the Berlin resident succeeds in building a bridge between minimal aesthetics and the musicality of Deep House which has rarely been heard in this form. In this 8-minute track a whole series of musical themes are flashing yet held together by a lot of instinctive feeling. On Looking Back To Control Drei Farben House is just as deep and melodically interesting and again relies on unusual track structures. In his remix Matthias Vogt from Motorcitysoul works out the chords and melody themes of the original even more and turns Final Call into an exciting, swelling affair whereas newcomer Baldo (Dubhe) transforms the original track into a brilliant and wonderfully classic piece of Dubtechno.

DJ Feedback:
Luciano - "Love to play Finall Call ! Great vibe!"

Laurent Garnier - "Really like Matthias's mix --will play that one."

Seuil - "Final Call original , nice stripped down track."

D'Julz - "Looking Back For Control for me, sweet!"

Russ Gabriel - "Really like Final Call. Interesting programming and great production."

Jimpster - "Brilliant mix from Matthias! Definitely the pick for me although its a really solid EP all round. Nice one."

Michel de Hey - "Great music, love Looking Back For Control and Baldo's Dub, excellent!"

Timo Maas "I really like Final Call."

Bart Skils - "Lovely deep grooves on the Baldo Dub..will pay this out for sure!" [pltr002_info from ]
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