Daywalker & CF - WAVEFORCE

Daywalker & CF


12" UK

Bank Records / BNK006

Front View : Daywalker & CF - WAVEFORCE - Bank Records / BNK006
Back View : Daywalker & CF - WAVEFORCE - Bank Records / BNK006

Daywalker & CF follow-up 2015 s Shimmer and Supersonic Transport with more cosmic synth noodling and a club ready tune on BANK Records. Entro Senestre and Willie Burns always manage to hold together musical continuity while aimlessly jamming in Burns smoky studio. It is their forte. With that being said, their style is not genre specific. One thing is for sure, the music is going to be trippy and synth driven. The title track Wave Force is a driving dance track built for big rooms, reminiscent of Supersonic Transport. The B-side features the producers implementing freaky synth lines and spacey sound effects on Rhythm Wolf. The final track, Between Worlds is somber. The track welcomes the occasional misplayed note along with sappy synth riffs. Another solid release by Daywalker & CF. Cover photo by Florian Kupfer.

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