Cesar Merveille - DEA, KRAFTONE

Cesar Merveille


12" Vinyl D

Cadenza / Cadenza91

Front View : Cesar Merveille - DEA, KRAFTONE - Cadenza / Cadenza91
Back View : Cesar Merveille - DEA, KRAFTONE - Cadenza / Cadenza91

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Cesar Merveille with two new Techy tracks of the real deal, except no imitations!

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‘DEA’ is a cut that’s been bubbling for a few months, first premiered on Mirko Loko’s ‘Vagabundos’ mix CD from the start of the Summer season. Cesar’s appreciation for subtlety and the finer details shine through, a shuffling hat groove and the sweet, brassy melody line edging in over a backdrop of subaquatic swashes and effects and a minor vocal stab adding some extra warmth. Pure gold from Merveille, and a cut that reclaims the sophisticated and intelligent edge of the genre. Flipside, ‘Kraftone’ is an immediate cut, it’s jackin groove and bouncing kicks sees an infectious bass riff warp its way around the reverberating hats and deft keys. With the energy levels never letting up, Merveille tweaks and distorts its basic components, it’s the kind of track that could run on and on; its earworm of a melody is highly contagious. Cesar Merveille hails from Paris, and with a large appetite for the arts, jazz music and fine wines, has carved out an impressive curriculum vitae, with releases for Cadenza, Visionquest and Safari Electronique, as well a collaborative album last year with Ryan Crosson. Laurent Garnier (F Comm) - Love ‘Kraftone’, will play this a lot D’Julz (Ovum) - ‘DEA’ is superb! Bravo! Franck Roger (Real Tone) - Excellent EP once again, thanks Ryan Crosson (Visionquest) - Super hot bombs!! Felipe Venegas (Cadenza) - Big tracks from Cesar [txt from ]
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