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Circus Company / CCS113

Front View : Brigitte Barbu - REMIXES POUR ASCENCEURS E - Circus Company / CCS113
Back View : Brigitte Barbu - REMIXES POUR ASCENCEURS E - Circus Company / CCS113

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Incl. Roman Fluegel & Matthew Herbert Remix

Brigitte Barbu’s Muzak pour ascenseurs en panne (Muzak for broken lifts) marked a bold new addition to the Circus Company repertoire. In a gilded haze of resonant tones conjured by traditional and non-traditional methods, Brigitte Barbu created an inviting sound world brimming with life and doffing its cap to 1970s signal processing. Out of such sonic research and development comes a wealth of material for other artists to sink their teeth into, and so we proudly present an accompanying remix EP that takes Brigitte Barbu’s distinctive stamp into new territory. Roman Flügel makes a first appearance Circus Company with two versions of “Dae-Boj DeMoya” that showcase this constantly versatile lynchpin of European techno. First up is his “kraut remix", which unsurprisingly channels the grainy beauty of Neu! and early Kraftwerk, before his “synth remix” dials back the drums and diverts our attention towards an expansive arrangement of melodious flourishes from classic synthesisers. John Tejada and Reggie Watts reunite as Wajatta following their triumphant LP Don’t Let Get You Down on Brainfeeder to deliver a particularly inventive, soul-stirring vocal techno version of “Couvre chef en peau de taupe". Watts soars over the signature warmth of Tejada’s production, while Brigitte Barbu’s mysterious tones linger in every fold of the mix. Matthew Herbert offers up a “Butter Dub” version of the album interlude serie “Trou Vert” that pits his signature stark sampling methods against Brigitte Barbu’s material and creates a fruitful dialogue of crooked 4/4 mechanics with all the playful curiosity of the original and a strong dose of Herbert’s inimitable musical personality.
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