Blavatsky & Tolley - RIVER INSIDE

Blavatsky & Tolley


12" Vinyl UK

Evil Plans Records / EP001

Front View : Blavatsky & Tolley - RIVER INSIDE - Evil Plans Records / EP001
Back View : Blavatsky & Tolley - RIVER INSIDE - Evil Plans Records / EP001

Incl. Retro Forward Remix

Hard hitting basslines with vocoded vocals and swirling arps, Blavatsky & D.J Tolley, two veterans of the scene since the ‘80s prove their power on this debut EP for Evil Plan Records that sits right in line with the sounds of ALFOS and the likes. Stepping up on remix duties BTCOP and RetroForward head honco Al MacKenzie each provide their signature touch to proceedings.

DJ Feedback:

Justin Robertson, DJ/Prodcuer
‘Swirling like a mysterious invocation, River Inside is a top piece of cosmic hypnotism for all discerning discos.’

Rich Lane, Cotton Bud
‘River Inside, dubby Moroder Electro – love it!’

Logan Fisher, Haules Baules
‘River Inside really got under my skin, a really useful curveball vibe changer … nice one.’

Ed Mahon, Cowbell Radio
‘I love the dark acid vibe throughout but also the differing sounds … One of my favourite tunes of the year, getting plenty of airtime of Cowbell Radio. Al’s mix (Retroforward) is a guaranteed stamp of quality, but the original is also right up my street.’

John Paynter, Space Age Freak Out
‘River Inside remains one of my fave tunes of the summer. Now as the seasons shift along comes the BTCop remix which primes us perfectly for the descending darkness of the long winter months ahead – a slow acid-tongued remix of a mother of a tune.’

Malcolm Smith, Feet to the Floor
‘You know when you know that something is gonna be good before you even hear it? Hat tipped … Baseline is driven genius. Twists and turns everywhere but I love it when it all comes together as the track progresses. Old skool vs. new skool … that riff!’

Javier Busto, DJ/Producer
‘River Inside is a great track. Really nice bassline from 3.30 in. Amazing, and already a favourite for my record bag’

Jack Butters, DJ/Producer
‘I love River Inside – very cool track.’

Duncan Gray, Tici Taci
‘River Inside (Retroforward remix) – Al Mackenzie brings on the dubby deepness. Quality remix.’

Scott Hutchinson, Feed Your Head (Kane FM)
‘BTCop’s remix of River Inside is already a firm favourite for Feed Your Head. It gives that extra kick and thump that raises the goosebumps on the back of your neck.’

Justin Wilson, No Strings Attached
‘I love BTCop’s River Inside remix. The beginning of the track has some nice gated sounds, but it really comes together for me in the last few minutes.’ [info sheet from distr.]
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