Barry Helafonte - ONE NIGHT

Barry Helafonte


12" Vinyl NL

Pulp / PULP12

Front View : Barry Helafonte - ONE NIGHT - Pulp / PULP12
Back View : Barry Helafonte - ONE NIGHT - Pulp / PULP12

Mysterious Barry Helafonte with the next Pulp release. Remixes coming from Glenn Astro and Moon B.

PULP is inaugurating this year's summer season with a lengthy affair by a certain Barry Helafonte called "One Night'. Not much is known about the artist that delivers the 12th installment for the PULP series. Nevertheless, production wise the sound is mature, and the drum machines sound like they are being hit by someone with vast experience. The balanced production quality of "Keys to The City" is prominent. A squelchy bassline is dictating the rhythm whilst washes of pads and an outlandish lead come together to form a dripping whole.

"Keys to the City" resumes with friend of the label Moon B on rework duties, turning the spaced out drums of the original into a more dancefloor oriented version. "First Dance" is another Helafonte original that is based on a touching lead synth and low down pads. "Connecting" closes down the A-side with some more hazy atmospheres and bass hits.

On the B-side we find "Euphoria". A breezy jam that contains touches of electro, funk and modern boogie. German producer Glenn Astro delivers an advanced version of "Euphoria" that uses cryptic drum patterns and an acidic bassline to change up the vibe of the original. As a welcome addition Astro throws in an ambient version called "Super Chill Mix".

"Pleasure Calling" is the final Barry Helafonte original. A timeless sounding boogie cut that will send the listener into glows of bliss. [info sheet from distr.]
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