AutoClub - AutoClub EP


AutoClub EP

12" US

Midnight Music Club / MMC02

Front View : AutoClub - AutoClub EP - Midnight Music Club / MMC02
Back View : AutoClub - AutoClub EP - Midnight Music Club / MMC02

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Debut EP

Debut EP from AutoClub featuring Craig Lambert (Midnight Music Club) and Mike McClure (Autokinetic).

"Miramanee" explores the fringes of electro with intense staccato analog stabs and an expressive synth solo swirling over the mix like an invasive electronic species. This is early morning warehouse music from Minneapolis at its finest.

"Escalator" is a descent into the analog abyss with unpredictable effect modulation and a relentless 808 drum track.

"Ganymede" exists in unexplored deep space. Haunting chords over a backdrop of sinister FM synthesis and a heavy groove create a sonic signal from earth with unforeseeable consequences.
[info sheet from distr.]
Drawing from a substantial archive of gear and experience, AutoClub's approach to production culminates in fresh music that remains true to old school sounds and methods. They are committed to analog technologies and techniques. Rather than adhere to the strict demands of genre, they appreciate what sounds and feels authentic when they come together to write. With attention focused on live performance, hardware instruments, and intuition, AutoClub has reinfused electronic music-making with intimate, human qualities.

All-hardware production and performance is no simple feat. AutoClub exclusively uses a wide array of hardware synthesizers, samplers, and drum machines - and they can play 20 at a time, live, without missing a beat. While digitization and easy-mode equipment become increasingly commonplace, AutoClub are impeccable in their craft and won't sacrifice quality for ease.

In an ever-darkening and homogenous techno scene, AutoClub offers something authentic and refreshing. Warm tones against a deep, celestial backdrop characterize their sound. Brisk, stimulating tempos keep it moving. Analog textures and real-time architecture keep their performance fluid and interesting. AutoClub has forgone booming and industrial in favor of a thoughtful and compelling style informed by live instrumentation.

Cut from the 90's rave cloth, AutoClub understands the crucial role music plays in bringing people together. Supporting and collaborating with other creatives is important to them. You're bound to run into them at other gigs and befriending other artists. AutoClub are hands-on producers who value connecting with their instruments as much as with their community. [info sheet from distr.]
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