Adryiano - DOWN SOUTH



12" Vinyl NL

Soul Notes Recordings / SN1209

Front View : Adryiano - DOWN SOUTH - Soul Notes Recordings / SN1209
Back View : Adryiano - DOWN SOUTH - Soul Notes Recordings / SN1209

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The Soul Notes imprint has never restricted itself to just one sound. Ever since it emerged in late 2011, the Basque County based outfit has shown several sides of its identity and has developed into a diverse and well balanced home. One of the labels usual suspects is Cologne native, Adryiano. After reaping some havoc with his efforts on the SNX series early last year, Adryiano has been crafting his Down South EP (ironically) somewhere in the North Rhine-Westphalian Concrete Jungle. The Down South EP is buldging with deep sine basses, fine rhythmic synthwork and lavish but hefty beats. The title track showcases these exact things best. The essence of Adryiano s latest effort is still somewhat hard to pin down. A lot of different moods are going on throughout the EP while the overall sounds maintains it s own glance. From the deep machinefunk on Down South to the broken beats of Feel What You do. All of these bits have a nice theme to them.

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