Adrien d Elzius - BRNSRGRY

Adrien d Elzius



Burial Soil / BUR009

Front View : Adrien d Elzius - BRNSRGRY - Burial Soil / BUR009
Back View : Adrien d Elzius - BRNSRGRY - Burial Soil / BUR009

strong electro release comes with Umwelt & Lloyd Stellar Remix!

Adrien d’Elzius is giving his debut on Burial Soil, the title Brnsrgry (Brainsurgery) points out what to expect sound wise. Both originals will pull you deep down in a mystic dark whole, twirling you around and spit you out feeling dizzy from all those fascinating sounds.
Brnsrgry is more rave orientated, moving forward and leaving Devo going green with envy about how to whip it good.
Toxic Flood transports another energy, still scratching the worlds of Acid but way darker and mysterious. Great vocalist Miper asks: “Where will it lead?“
Time for you to find out!
The first remix comes from the one and only UMWELT, needless to say, this Electro banger hits you hard with its punchy acid line and it’s roaring in your face: “I’m a dance floor beast!“
Second remixer on this release is the dutch Lloyd Stellar and faithful to his dutch electro origins, he created a journey to float away into cyber space. [info sheet from distr.]
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