Zombies In Miami - TAKE CONTROL EP

Zombies In Miami


12" Vinyl D

Correspondant / Correspondant58

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Hot on the heels of their role on Correspondant Compilation Five, Mexican maestros Zombies In Miami return to Jennifer Cardini’s label once again this summer with two supreme space-aged head jams. Following recent disco excursions on Hippie Dance and Bordello A Parigi, the duo retreat to the shadier, heavyweight side of their signature with ‘Take Control’ and ‘Last Gun’. ‘Take Control’ is a glacial creeper laced with frosty electroid synths and a smouldering hypnotic beat while ‘Last Gun’ firms our focus on the looming lower tones, creating an ominous fog for the sunlight arpeggios to climb through evocatively. Complete with on-point remixes from the Lipsky brothers’ Simple Symmetry and Benedikt Frey & Nadia D’Alo’s INIT project, this will have you taking control for a long time to come.
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