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Detroit influenced techno. Incl. Florian Meindl. Jeff Samuel. Remixes by format:B und Salz
One hundred vinyl records on Trapez. We're happy that we have been part of a very lively and international techno scene with Trapez for almost a decade. We started around 2000 with an image of a label that was the opposite to Traum. We liked the idea of a DJ weapon as we had learned quite a lot about dance music through what we had encountered with our Traum releases. So when we started Trapez with the first Anton Kubikov release it worked well from the beginning, with music that was like the music we played out in our DJ sets: Detroit influenced techno. With Trapez we also discovered a lot of artists that have since become world famous. We did an early record with Jacek Sienkiewicz and for sure we discovered a man called Akufen before anyone had become interested in him. His idea of fragmentation, sampling small digits inspired a whole generation of producers who later defined their music as Micro House, Glitch Techno and last but not least: Minimal. We had Akufen´s music remixed by a young guy from Düsseldorf (Oliver Hacke) and the remix was so huge and energetic it destroyed loudspeakers and people's preconception about electronic music at that time. Records followed by Alex Under, Jeff Samuel, Gabriel Ananda, Steve Barnes, Patrice Bäumel, Dominik Eulberg and many others who we have thanked in the CD booklet and who have helped to establish a solid Trapez reputation over the years. So now with the vinyl 100 out we celebrate this accomplishment with exclusive, unreleased material and lots of curiosities on Trapez and Trapez ltd. Starting with a deep track "Verse 2the Chorus (Salz Remix)" originally released on Trapez ltd and has been one of our favourites. Recorded by Irish Donal Tierney aka Five Green Circle years ago, it comes here in a remix by the Cologne duo Salz. Salz was very active some years ago and they recorded a remix for us of an early Philippe Cam track on Traum. So now we asked them to interpret in their dub style "Verse 2the Chorus". The result is stunning and very emotional and kicks off the CD. Raw Hedroom aka Gareth Williams from the UK has recently recorded a "Fox In The box" is the craziest track we have ever released. Produced by the duo UND that sadly no longer exists. The track has recently been played as a title melody for the Proton Radio show "Noise" by Harry Evers. So we have asked one of the greatest US artist around, Christian Martin from Dirtybird, to remix this classic and the outcome is phenomenal. This wobbly west coast house version is very cool and indestructible. What can we say about Roland M. Dill, he has been a constant force for us over the last two years and is the hottest newcomer in Cologne. His contribution is a funky rocking piece of music, unlike his recent material, much more housy and jacking. The next track is a remix of the legendary "Der Vampir von Dusseldorf". Who produced this track is one of the well hidden secrets on Trapez and is now revealed. So now you can witness a super cool remix by Dirt Crew Rec label owner Break 3000. No samples of Oliver Hacke´s original existed and so he had to replay everything himself and wrote a fantastic, monumental, grinding remix. Dominik Eulberg, more famous for his Traum releases, has already released 2 12"s on Trapez ltd plus a remix for the Icelandic artist Ozy and has written here a brand new techno track for Trapez which has the speed of lightning. We are also very proud to feature a super strong new track by Cologne artist Gabriel Ananda. This track combines rocking and deep passages that create a super flow and stunning dynamic. Florian Meindl´s tune "Blast" has been remixed by Berlin's techno duo Format:B. The original was a huge hit played by house DJ´s as well as techno DJ´s. Format:B add their specific signature to the already almighty peak-time floor destroyer. Chris Gowland aka Gow stays on the comical and witty side and here has a nice follow up to "Jiffi Hornswoggle". The Jeff Samuel track "Lip Service" is released here on CD for the first time. Funky lip service from moody man Jeff Samuel.
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