Various Artists - BASSWALKER PART 1

Various Artists


2x12" Vinyl D

Isolated System / ISO-001

Front View : Various Artists - BASSWALKER PART 1 (2X12) - Isolated System / ISO-001
Back View : Various Artists - BASSWALKER PART 1 (2X12) - Isolated System / ISO-001

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Nice Price Deal !!! AÑA / Henning Baer / Norman Nodge / Musk.... No one knows exactly how, or why it happened. We can only postulate. Perhaps it was rogue hydrogen atoms causing havoc again, or a particularly voracious wave of EM radiation hell bent on finding a good time. The point is, (in those days) such lude behavior was simply unacceptable: AÑA had become excited, too much so for the solar stiffs that swirled about her. And that System of hers—always buzzing around, refusing to share anything—it had to go. So both were exiled from that collision patch they called home, leaving AÑA and her System to wander the cosmos. Some years passed. AÑA grew a little, but mostly she practiced her Basswalk—not this girly swooshy thing with your hips, but a real bolshy bovver boot stomp. After a while she got pretty good at it, she wanted to show her friends. Maybe theyd like to Basswalk too. Well, they couldnt get enough of it—but no one did it quite like AÑA. Henning Baers had a bit more groove to it and this whole new tweaky hat element. Norman Nodge kept his pretty punchy, but all that time spent in Berghain had turned his Basswalk into a bit of a skulk. As for Musk, the boys inverted the whole thing of course—turned a disco trick, shifting the march down into more of a slinky house glide. AÑA liked them all so much—and it was time Isolated System stopped being such a separatist—she decided to gather them all together to make Basswalker Part I. Now you can Basswalk too

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