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Van Bonn / VanBonn03

Front View : Van Bonn - BORNEO - Van Bonn / VanBonn03
Back View : Van Bonn - BORNEO - Van Bonn / VanBonn03

Van Bonn returns to his label Van Bonn Records after releases on labels like Traum, Trapez and Telrae. Van Bonn s travel to the magic rain forests and lonely beaches of the island Borneo inspired him to compose music that takes you by the hand and leads you into the inner beauty of Borneo. His new EP delivers two epic tunes with a total playtime of 24 minutes. The original mix is dominated by massive grooves, carefully layered sounds & field recordings from Borneo. Van Bonn takes his time to let the tension rise slowly to finally erupt in a momentum that may remind the listener of Krautrock and Post-rock. The Borneo Dub adds a whole new level of deepness to the original track and formulates an atmosphere that can simply be described as fernweh. Wether you listen to Borneo in a club, on your stereo or with headphones it is always pure and true techno music for your heart, body and soul.

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