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featuring the likes of Bloc Party. Roisin Murphy. Bent. Switch. The Chemical Brothers. Alexander Robotnick. Don Diablo. and many more.
Despite such musical prowess, Trevor Loveys remains something of an enigmatic figure - quite a refreshing change in the era of DJ ‘tweets his breakfast’. Beloved by critics, bloggers, and many an underground music buff, he’s never jostled for the limelight, preferring to let his music fight for aural attention. Right back from his first production outing as House of 909 with the critically acclaimed album ‘The Children We Were’, Trevor has been at the forefront of new sounds. Alongside Dave Taylor (Switch), Herve, Jesse Rose as Izit, Machines Don’t Care, and Chris Belsey (Lil Bo Tweak), Loveys has helped propel edgy, beat-driven dance music from a micro-scene in London to a worldwide genre that has troubled bassbins (and club sound engineers) across the globe. In 2000, he teamed up with Dave Taylor and embarked on a number of projects, the most successful of which became the now renowned Switch, releasing various singles and high profile remixes for Chemical Brothers, Basement Jaxx and Busta Rhymes. Trevor then went on to form the Speaker Junk project with another long time friend and production partner, Herve. ‘Body Jack’ is his first compilation album. A 2 disc mix filled with his best productions and remixes to date, plus some of the killer tunes in his DJ set and a host of exclusives. This is a journey through the sound that has established him as a global tour de force, from the deeper style of his Lil Bo Tweak projects through to Speaker Junk and his own unique take on party beats, featuring the likes of Bloc Party, Roisin Murphy, Bent, Switch, The Chemical Brothers, Alexander Robotnick, Don Diablo, and many more. After signing to Herve’s Cheap Thrills imprint, Trevor re-releases the Dubsided classic ‘Organ Grinder’ in September 2009 with remixes from Herve (as The Count of Monte Cristal), Dub Frequency, Black Noize and Green Money.
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Disc !:

1. Lil Bo Tweak - Pressin On
2. Loungin Collective - Riddim Come Forward
3. Roisin Murphy - You Knoe Me Better Trevor Loveys RMX
4. Lil Bo Tweak - I Like It Raw
5. Trevor Loveys - Shake It
6. The Touch - Maxzimisation Nation Trevor Loveys RMX
7. Acid Kids - Mad Mahoney Trevor Loveys RMX
8. Chemical Brothers Featuring K-OS - Get Yourself High Switches Rely On Rub
9. Trevor Loveys - Byrdy Beats
10. Evil 9 - They Live Trevor Loveys RMX
11. Kraak & Smaak Feat. Ben Westbeech - Squeeze Me Trevor Loveys RMX
12. Trevor Loveys & Miss L - Twang
13. Lil Bo Tweak - Dub Be Good
14. Aquasky Feat. The Ragga Twins - Give It Up Trevor Loveys Vocal Mix
15. Trevor Loveys & Affie Yusuf - Back To Beat
16. Don Diablo - To Cool For School Trevor Loveys RMX
17. Trevor Loveys - Organ Grinder Herve Big B Moran RMX
18. Jack Beats - UFO
19. Bloc Party - I Still Remember Speaker Junk Bass Bin RMX
20. Charlean Dance - Mr DJ Speaker Junk Tarantula RMX

Disc 2:

1. Bent - Always Trevor Loveys RMX
2. Speaker Junk - TJs Theme
3. Affie Yusuf - Track Dat Horn
4. Switch & Trevor Loveys - Get Your Dub On Part 2
5. Lil Bo Tweak - Jacko Bein Ruff
6. Trevor Loveys & Affie Yusuf - Fakers
7. Trevor Loveys & Jessie Rose - Chips & Curry
8. Trevor Loveys - Funny Biznizz
9. Lil Bo Tweak - Got That Bass
10. Trevor Loveys - Skoolin Tings
11. Alexander Robotnik - Obession For The Disco Lil Bo Tweak RMX
12. City Reverb - City Of Lights Trevor Loveys Dub Mix
13. City Reverb - City Of Lights Trevor House Dub Mix
14. Lil Bo Tweak - K. Rizzle
15. Thunderheist - Nothin To Step To Trevor Loveys RMX
16. Machines Dont Care - Beatbang Trevor Beatbang Dub
17. Trevor Loveys - Godo To Be Here
18. Trevor Loveys & Affie Yusuf - Travelling Man
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