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Anders Trentemoller has become one of the most respected names in cutting edge electronic music in the last few years. His rise to notoriety was sparked by his early. techy releases for Poker Flat and Audiomatique and has since gone on to stellar highs with his own personal take on the genre. spanning. pop. rock. indie and classical. His debut album >The Last Resort< was released in 2006 to much international acclaim. and the producer also began to become an in-demand remixer in the house and techno world. As the decade wore on his sound continued to progress. opening up his studio to more live instrumentation. and a looser. rock-meets electronic vibe with his stunning >Into The Great Wide Yonder< LP. Now this special double CD and double vinyl release celebrates some of the producer s favourite remixes he completed for other artists. and also some of his personal picks where other musicians have reworked his music.
With over 20 super-slick productions to choose from, this is a real treat for any Trentemøller fan, or indeed a great introduction into his sound. From crisp electronic beats, to atmospheric and filmic moments, to heavy post-rock mutations and beyond. This sheer variety in store here is testament to the talent and musical vision of Anders Trentemøller. All the reworked tracks are taken from the ‘Into The Great Wide Yonder‘ album, which fused melancholic, emotional melodies with a more indie/electro-rock studio focus.
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