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Autumn days are coming quite near and with >Jahreszwei< – an ambient tape by Berlin based artist The Marx Trukker – we deliver the soundtrack for that more thoughtful time of the year. As the 4-track EP is put together chronological (starting with the track that was produced last). the A-side is more dark and dusty (roughly produced beginning of autumn with an electric bass. an old Portastudio and loads of forbidden recording-techniques) while the B-side shines a bit brighter and lighter (produced digital end of summer. concentrating on the Dave Smith Evolver synthesizer only). So take a walk through a forest next to you and enjoy the beautiful autumn-nature while having >Jahreszwei< on your ears! · Limited Tape (Edition of 75) · Nice and arty black/white printed fold-out-poster as inlay (total size A4) · 12 different unique artwork-labels · Produced by Audio Service (RAND Muzik)/Leipzig · Printed and assembled by Noorden/Cologne · Including download-code for FLAC/MP3/etc.
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