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System 7 is the dance music project of Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy. presenting a unique combination of techhouse beats and live musicianship. who have had a strong influence on the development of psychedelic ambient and electronica.
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Mirror System is System 7’s sister project, specializing in the chillout and downtempo aspect of their sound with deep
rolling grooves and the subtle blend of rich dreamy electronics and guitar. Since the first Mirror System release in 2005
they have expanded their style to incorporate a soft minimal tech-house element.
N+X is a 6 track mini-LP that is a trailer and pre-taster for an ambitious release plan by Hillage and Giraudy for Autumn
2015, which celebrates the 21 year anniversary of System 7’s seminal Fire and Water dual album.
In Autumn 2015 A-Wave Records will simultaneously release a full power System 7 album titled X-Port and a more
chilled Mirror System album titled N-Port.
N+X presents 2 System 7 tracks and 2 Mirror System tracks, that will later appear on the albums in updated form, plus
2 Bonus tracks – one by System 7 and one by Mirror System.
The cover artwork for the N-Port / X-Port Project features the Vesica Piscis geometrical motif of two interlinked circles,
which featured of some of Steve Hillage’s psychedelic rock albums from his pre-System 7 days.
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