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Pingipung presents >The Kenya Sessions< - an enchanting cooperative mission featuring Sven Kacirek. our experimental drummer and electronic producer. and musicians from Kenya. The Kenya Sessions is the result of Svens extended visit to the country with live and fieldrec sessions which he later processed in his studio in Hamburg. Sven Kacirek plays with local Kenyan stars such as 80 year-old female vocalist Ogoya Nengo. or with Joseph Oganga. who delivers amazing patterns with his >Nyatiti<. a traditional string instrument. Its sometimes difficult to tell the parts recorded in Kenya from those overdubbed by Sven Kacirek himself. His own compilation of Marimba. Bassdrums and brush patterns forms a musical thread that he weaves skillfully into the live sessions. At times joyfully straight (Arsenal Aluny Vilage) at times mellow and melancholy (Mariae. Paperflowers). Sven Kacirek and some of the Kenyan musicians will bring this fantastic material on international stages in early 2011. The Linernotes by Goetz Steeger illustrate the detailed recording process of this record. >The Kenya Sessions< is Pingipungs second album by Sven Kacirek who has a background as virtuoso jazz drummer. He studied at Drummers Collective in New York. played several Solo-Shows at the World Drum Festival and has written books on the experimental use of electronics on the drumset. On his solo debut >The Palmin Sessions< in 2007 he presented his original ambient aesthetics made from silent patterns recorded on paper. wood. or glass surfaces: >Svens frantic drumming is really a pure pleasure to listen to ... his instruments join together in a deeply meditative study< (Foxy Digitalis)
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