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The Tracks Condensing The Atmosphere Of The Mediterranean Into Reduced Minimalistic And Floating Grooves.
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It was 1999 when Hannes Strobl, Robert Buddenbrock and Rupert Huber released their first collaboration. DAWN - segments of a live performance, the crossover of Berlin's and Viennas electronic scene. The three musicians create a perfect tension of space, drums, percussion, bass and ambience. During the last decade they played in very different projects, like Denseland, Paloma and Tosca a.o. Now they met again to mold the experience of the las 14 years into a set of stunning tracks condensing the atmosphere of the mediterranean and other places into reduced minimalistic grooves and floating atmospheres. In opposite to his work with Tosca, where Rupert Huber embeds his sounds in a more easy listening context, Superconnection offers more room for sophisticated interpretation of contemporary electronic music. La Mer is as the sea - as the repetition of waves, always different - always the same.
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