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The new album. Liquorice. from Martin Stimming wasnt initially planned to be an album. There was an intrinsic need for him to express what was going on in this period of life. Relationship problems led to a very punk. off-whack attitude to his producing. With seven tracks done and dusted. he figured the work was more than just a collection of weird shit. it was a whole new music experience… add another 5 months of studio work. he named it Liquorice. Definitely hard to pigeonhole - call it minimal. stripped back. dub. experimental… we think >electronic free jazz< comes the closest… No sign of a typical 4/4 bass drum at all and Stimming has incorporated his trademark use of field recordings. from a marble run. a pizza slicer. a trashcan. a coffee machine. and an ice train shuttling past to name a few. The Stimming esque percussion. which is even more radical this time. has been thrown in with all these facets in his massive melting pot. coupled with some dark emotions to create this Liquorice. >This time I didnt use all the main events a groove normally has<. recalls Martin
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