Stereocalypse - LACE STAR EP




Siamese / Siamese002

Front View : Stereocalypse - LACE STAR EP - Siamese / Siamese002
Back View : Stereocalypse - LACE STAR EP - Siamese / Siamese002

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Debüt EP des Duos Stereocalypse auf Adriatiques neuem Label Siamese. Stereocalypse verbinden Erfahrung und Instinkt, analoges Feeling und moderne Strukturen zu einer grenzenlosen Expertise. Sei es subtil und hypnotisch (Lace Star), atmosphärisch und exotisch-perkussiv (Not A B-Side) oder experimentell-trippy (Shandy s Eagle).

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Adriatique’s new label Siamese returns with its second offering, the debut EP from electronic live duo Stereocalypse.

Title track ‘Lace Star’ is a subtle yet hypnotic record. Sterocalypse utilise the full duration of the track to add layers to an ever evolving soundscape, with a guitar, echoing synths and a subtle bassline coming together towards the track’s climax.

It’s followed by the humorously titled ‘Not A B Side’, an atmospheric cut with a fusion of percussive and electronic elements giving it an exotic feel. The EP rounds off with ‘Shandy’s Eagle’; showing a little more of the duo’s experimental side, its trippy synth layers and soft bassline make for an ideal way to round off this eclectic EP.

Stereocalypse aim to combine experience and instinct, analog feeling and modern textures in their boundary-free work. A completely new project from two experienced producers, the ‘Lace Star’ EP is a statement of intent from the duo.
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