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Played by 2000 and One. Her massive >Phunk< international club hit still played over the world might have brought the attention to NIKE that Shinedoe is one of a kind and ready to convey the grooves of back in tha days
Kiki ( Bpitch): Ah, great! already heard that on the Nike dvd and was wondering if i missed a release ;) Supporting and sporting!
Daniel Faulwasser ( Moon Harbour): Nice one. full support.
Len Faki: cool oldschoolish inch, back in tha days is my fave, love the jackin' drumpatterns!
Gavin Herlily: both sides are inspired old skool flavoured techno but the B'side's the one I'll play. Great tension building dancefloor techno..
Gregor Tresher: Cool release! Will play out the A-Side!
Smoking Jo: both tracks are excellent, really cool love them 10/10
Luciano (Cadenza): Full support on me!!!
D’julz: I love both tracks ; pure class
Sebo K: both are great! will play them all for sure!
Karotte: 2 bombs from the queen of Amsterdam himself.
big big big in my sets. I will chart it for October.
Efdemin: I am blown away by this amazing track by queen Shinedoe.
Meat: love track ibo grooves. will be on my decks!!
(added: 2008-10-08 14:32:33 )
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