Sarp Yilmaz
12" Vinyl D
Tablon / Tablon002

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Tablon is a new France based independent record label. Supporting artists with a characteristic style. tablon releases music by passion. developing its own vision of todays and tomorrows dance music. After a first EP by Arnaud linked in a certain way to Greece. tablon 002 will come from Istanbul. Far from us the idea to make a worldwide music label or refer to any old war between two countries. It just happened like that. Sarp makes amazing music and we are proud to present his new EP. It is called >I care because you dont<. the artwork is made by Nefelie and the mastering by Mathieu Berthet in Paris. As we care a lot about the vinyl thing. our releases appear first on 12 inch vinyl.

"Hi, I am Sarp Yilmaz. No, not your household name, not the next megaDj, not the chart topper, just a guy with some machines and a passion in his heart, who is supported by some other guy who runs this young, fresh label, who is mad enough to release music that is not bassline obsessed, not fitting any of the genre slots of your favorite online store, that is as much hip hop and jazz as it's house. No, this will not destroy your dancefloor, nor will it make you dance like there's tomorrow, it's moody, sometimes even depressive, but I made it with a smile on my face. It's trippy, it's glitchy and it's slow. Music, I make to cure the sicknesses of my heart. Hope it puts a smile on your face too. I care because you don't".
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