S100 EP
12" Vinyl D
Stockholm Ltd / STHLM LTD S1001

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S100 is a cluster of machines and individuals who found themselves to be the perfect techno live band. The individuals behind S100 have previously released a number of techno. dub. and electronica records on various labels. S100 is making music that is narrowing the gap between the past and the future. marrying the digital and the analogue. along with a strong emphasis on being performed live with machines. 2011 will definitely be the breaktrough year of S100. with their debut EP on Stockholm LTD. their Intern track on Stockholm LTD 022 and their remix of Par Grindviks Sinister track. Their music has already been picked up by some of the techno scenes major players. like Ben Klock. Samuel L Session. Pfirter. Dustin Zahn. Audio Injection. Dimi Angelis. Tommy Four Seven and Perc. On their self titled debut EP. we get to know S100s music a bit more. The music ranges from the powerful and raw Discharge to the more deep driven Krowork before diving into the ambient patterns/ soundscapes of Repel. As the record rounds up. Tom Dicicco adds his very own stripped down dub formula in his rework of Krowork. Tom recently made his first appearance on the label with the track Night Erosion
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