Quantum Entanglement (feat Fink & Mentri)
Vakant / VA056

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For the second instalment from Quantum Entanglement we delve into the misty past. a time when moving parts ruled the dance. when the power of the night rested on a needle and a bassline. and before CDJs calculated the bpm for you…you had to touch things. buy things. and the bassline ruled over all. Acid Thunder. a classic by Fast Eddie. was the first dance record i ever bought. It was important. The guy who sold it to me. at the time a spotty school kid in his school uniform. was called John Stapleton. and the shop was Sidetrax in Bristol.
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Mentrix totally gets the kinda NY sluttiness of the original, and brings it right up to date….less of a cover, more of a homage, the entanglement of then and now. Need You is an entanglement of two very unlikely BFFs… John Lee Hooker and Joey Beltram. This isn’t really a cover, it’s more like the offspring of many things, times, and moments - it’s like the grandchild of John Lee Hooker’s track dated the nephew of Joey Beltram’s track and lived in Neukölln. Again, Direct - “Techno Gone Mad” on R&S was another of my earliest techno purchases - at the time it was considered “Dutch Hardcore” but now, it’s almost cute…. Quantum Entanglement….recycling other people’s good ideas since January 2014
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