True Rotary Recordings / TRR 004

Front View : QNA - TABOR SESSION - True Rotary Recordings / TRR 004
Back View : QNA - TABOR SESSION - True Rotary Recordings / TRR 004

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We are proud to present QNA and the first release stemming from Quarion and Joel Alter combining forces. Meeting years ago in Berlin, it is ironic that they first made it to the studio after Joels relocation to Copenhagen. Recorded in Berlin, Tabor Session was born a hypnotizing piece of modern techno fusing driving beats with a myriad of synths and eerie sounds in a complete balance. Like an ensemble of dancers on the verge of loosing control. While Memory Lane shows the melancholic mindset of the artists Sansui Cruise is full of playfulness and raw bouncy beats in a tribal groove.

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Switzerland often gets mistaken for Sweden. Joel Alter and Yanneck Salvo also have a lot of common ground. Growing up in the 80’s listening to Jean Michel Jarre, embracing hip-hop and black music as teenagers and finding the way into dancemusic through drum and bass. But if it wasn’t for a growing friendship and a mutual sense of humour this record would probably not have been in our hands today.

True Rotary Recordings is run by Joel Alter and Ena Cosovic out of Copenhagen.
Stemming from a mutual appreciation of the combination of raw techno and seductive sounds, the label is a natural development of their musical and personal partnership.
True Rotary Recordings represent their musical vision and the vibe that they love. Keeping it raw and genuine [txt from ]
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