12" Vinyl BE

Token / Token20X

Front View : Phase - REPROCESSED 1 (SIGHA & P. VAN HOESEN) - Token / Token20X
Back View : Phase - REPROCESSED 1 (SIGHA & P. VAN HOESEN) - Token / Token20X

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(sigha / peter van hoesen rmxs) rmxs for Phases big Binary Opposition, which took the techno scene by storm.

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Phase aka Ashley Burchett made his name in the early noughties by releasing a string of underground classics on Steve Bicknell's legendary Cosmic imprint and 65d Mavericks' Surface (and sister label Inceptive). When Belgium's Token Records emerged in early 2007, he (next to fellow Londoner Inigo Kennedy) quickly became the core of the label, responsible for the majority of the output.

Burchett's detailed drum programming results in punchy, in-your-face, yet very subtle rhythms. Combined with a keen sense of atmospherics & sound processing, his tracks gained early support by the likes of Robert Hood, Derrick May & Jeff Mills; 3 names whose influence is also clearly present in Phase's music.

Beginning of 2012 Phase caused quite a storm in techno's landscape with the release of 'Binary Opposition'. Both versions, "Process 1 & 2", fierce pieces of relentless yet deep techno, got on heavy rotation by Blawan, Ben Klock, Surgeon, Marcel Dettmann, Dave Clarke, to name a few.

A few months later, we present 'Binary Opposition Reprocessed'. Assembling a remix package for this project wasn't a difficult task, as all remixers were noted fans of the original tracks and supporters of Phase as an artist. On duties are Luke Slater aka Planetary Assault Systems, Ben Klock, Sigha, Peter Van Hoesen and Token residents Inigo Kennedy and Ctrls.

Phase's 'Binary Opposition Reprocessed' will be released digitally and on 3 separate twelve inches during June.

Regis: cheers, will play them
Marcel Dettmann: all nice to play in the club, PAS mix is crazy ;)
Surgeon: I'll play out the Peter Van Hoesen and Inigo mixes this weekend
Blawan: all of them are bombs !
Chris Liebing: fat fat fat will play a lot... :)
James Ruskin: impossible to pick a favourite here! Great package, thank you
Shifted: Absolutely loved the original tracks (like everyone i guess!) and so it's good to see this package has come together so nicely.. The hard part will be deciding which versions to play.. Really into all of them
Perc: PAS, Klock and Inigo mixes are all amazing. The other mixes are solid too. Really wonderful package.
Norman Nodge: Wow, Luke must have had a dark day, what a sinister bomb! And the others remixes are also true avalanches. Hard to name a favourite amongs them. Great release!
steve rachmad: Ben Klock mix is cool!
dvs1: already loved the original, and now I'm adding the remixes to that as well!! really hard to pick any favorites here when you have all of my favorites on remixes!! Gonna beat em all at some point!
objekt: all solid, but really like the klock and inigo mixes
Dj Deep: Amazing package! Thanks so much. Ben Klock's mix, as well as Inigo Kennedy's, Peter Van Hoesen's and Sigha's mix, but alson CTRLS and Planetary Assault's mix... Well i can't choose, so i'll play them all!!!
Marcel Fengler: Full support!
ROD: quite a task to remix a huge technotrack into 6 other technotracks, but given the fact that each and every remixer brought their own ID to this project, i can say this is a remix-package of which i'll be playing each and every mix, great job [txt from ]
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