Non-operational People - ORGANIC TRANSMISSIO

Non-operational People



Vakant / VA067

Front View : Non-operational People - ORGANIC TRANSMISSIO - Vakant / VA067
Back View : Non-operational People - ORGANIC TRANSMISSIO - Vakant / VA067

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Vakant comes back with a very special release from an unknown group of creative entities. Three cuts of tribal space techno weaponry aimed at the dancefloor. We have received a message from entities lost in between the stars in the vacuum of interstellar space. The transmission was encrypted in an ancient code we were able to translated into frequencies understandable to earthlings. A psychic telegram has been sent to us, activating the body and the mind, divided into aggregations of codes that form three tracks of straight in your face, high-octane fueled, acidic tribal techno, riding on solid bass lines, trippy synths, shiny percussions and abstract ambiences.

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