Nax Acid & Bioni Samp - GHOST BUS

Nax Acid & Bioni Samp


12" UK

Aconito / ac003

Front View : Nax Acid & Bioni Samp - GHOST BUS - Aconito  / ac003
Back View : Nax Acid & Bioni Samp - GHOST BUS - Aconito  / ac003

Going home late one foggy night in London, I turn the corner to see my bus waiting at the bus stop, lights on, doors open, completely empty. I get on the bus and wait, a few minutes later the driver gets on, he was hiding behind a tree. Now I always call it the Ghostbus. Stopping and starting, traveling along are the landscapes of sound recordings, perfectly balanced between synthetic and abstract layers of sounds. Ghostbus invites you to travel along an electronic road of pulses and distortion, a travel between vintage and modern atmospheres, shifting into automatic vintage synthesis gears, a journey into the dark and cold nights of London. Samp gives this music his trademark ambience in confined spaces sound, helped along by nAX_acid both in collaboration and with his own edit version

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