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* Mumdance & Logos present Proto . Tectonic s first major release of 2015. set for release on 16th February. * Recorded by the duo over 2014. Proto is a collection of 10 future-facing club tracks that. against the odds. also provides a deep and involving experience for the listener. * Proto focusses on the very brief sparks of innovation when new scenes were just forming and genre rules and paradigm were still grey areas. the early bleep track days when imported American techno was starting to be appropriated by the UK. the 93-94 proto era when hardcore was morphing into jungle and later when the darker sound of tech-step reared its mechanical. dystopian head. * All of this is underpinned with “Wot U Call It” grime sensibilities and Mumdance & Logos trademark sonic disortientation. Mumdance & Logos concentrate on taking the moods and colours created by these leaps forward in sound and twisting them into something new. keeping in line with the futuristic visions of the originators.
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