Mtd & Tracy
12" Vinyl IT
Sonntag Morgen / SM001V

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Image of the Record Back Side

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Played and Supported by Lucy. Chris Liebing. Speedy J. DVS1. Pfirter. Bas Mooy and more. Sonntag Morgen was born from the idea of two young italian DJ / Producers.Tracy and MTD. With this label they want to express a musical style witch is not very popular in Italy. based primarily on Techno / Dub but with influences from dark and spooky sounds combined with melodic and defined rhythms. creating a new refined underground beat.After 19 releases in digital format. they have been shown to produce very high quality.This is the first release on vinyl (their great love.) Each of the two labels owners shows a track and a tool. The sound is..solid. dark and dynamic. Definitely is a big release of contemporary techno.
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