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I call this music >dizzy driving warm ambient scapes<. Modeste says.
You might have bumped into some of Modeste earlier works for Echochord which have been previously released in 2007.While at the time the focus was deep dub techno this time Modeste choose a different path. The new record is a lush dizzy driving collection of low keys ambient scapes and slowly evolving warm drone based music. Modeste build its own cocoon,a world of unformatted moving sounds and freely randomized smoothing you dwon works. the compositions presented here where all done with the same process: start a new project, dont change a thing onto what the technology is providing you by default and start making something with as few as possible technogical boundaries. As if a child without mathematical limitations (in a musical point of view) would have been fidding around things,as free as possible and concentrating on the audio result rather then the technical matters. Quoting Modeste speaking about the album :"Concerning the compositions themselves, Ive been crafting them for some time now and pilling all these tracks aside for the last 2 years. Probably making one Modeste track every 2 month or so. I call this music >dizzy driving warm ambient scapes<. I really enjoyed making that kind of music on my way back home after some long week-ends spend at doing and listening to 4/4 music probably for too long. It was and still is a way for me to clear up my mind to wash my brain a process that tends to feel better with myself probably by climbing my own mountain of conuenience."
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