Mikkel Metal


12" Vinyl D

Tartelet / Tartelet019

Front View : Mikkel Metal - CASSINI / MAZURSKI - Tartelet / Tartelet019
Back View : Mikkel Metal - CASSINI / MAZURSKI - Tartelet / Tartelet019

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Out 26th of sept. Mikkel Metals new Tartelet EP travels deep into the spectral voids of space. Empyrean pads and raw drums reverberate in our ear meatus on Cassini -soft kicks with shrill claps and a prodding bassline bringing back memories of Mikkel Metals earlier dubby excursions. Phasing, relentless, and a favourite in the early hours of both the night and morning, Cassini has everything needed to become a mainstay for all DJs brave enough to venture beyond our known realms. Mazurski, a galaxy of beaming details and radiant synthlines colour it deep, while the echoes of light gone by envelops the transient listener. Following on the same side is the dub version (vinyl only), outlined by a scrapping kick, filtering sequences of sonic waveforms and abraded sub-basslines. All this rough beauty is fully submerged in a crystal pond of levitating strings and sparkling monotones. These cuts will transport you beyond, both in front of properly charged sound systems and laptop-powered earphones. Referencing both the recently resurrected new age wave and the analogue power of London, Mikkel Metal has brought a completely new dimension to the Tartelet universe, the quality is undeniable, the construction timeless and the foot-tapping ensured, so get floating.

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