Merge Of Equals - SUBMERGE

Merge Of Equals
cd D
Sine Music / sm0020

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Sine Music released the second album by Merge of Equals entitled Submerge. The album will be available on CD and at all well known download stores. As the title suggests: listeners of Submerge dive deep down into the sound-world of Flavio Maspoli. This versatile. multifaceted artist and producer from Zuerich caused a sensation in the European music scene with his debut creation Intoxication and now. with his new album. puts the listener. already with the first track. into a kind of rapture of the deep. The World Is One could well be the Credo of this new album Submerge. With titles like Tvija Lijubov. Biya. Opium or Atesh mystic and exotic tones taken from a wide variety of cultures fuse with modern beats and futuristic electronic sounds to enter a new symbiosis. The captivating vocals in varying languages of the guest vocalists Gina Estrada. Sitta Foehr. Jelena Schweizer. Katt Tait and Kotomi Bisang-Mori guarantee a very special multi-cultural deep-sea dive while discretely enhancing the established Chillout and Lounge paths. Even the classic Bar Chillout lover will be rewarded with tracks such as Kleine Wolke or Heart & Mind. The artist describes this new slot he has created as >Magic Chillï< offering a balance separate from prevalent trends.
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