Les Sans Pattes
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Les Sans Pattes is the rock band of Robert Combas (world renowned contemporary painter and creator of the free figuration movement) and Lucas Mancione. Both are all-rounder. multi-instrumentalists. rigorous and nutty at the same time. They handle plastic arts. are musicians. video makers. actors. performers in short. complete artists. Theyve got a rich and eclectic repertoire of more than 100 songs. and no limit: you’ll hear them moving from rock to techno. from a love song to punk. with the same dexterity in each and every register. If you have the chance to be in Paris around June 24th. theyll deliver a live performance during Michel Houellebecq’s exhibition. at the Palais de Tokyo. to inaugurate the release of their album. Tracklist DVD: 1.Ta Peau (feat Gael Manangou) 2.Animal. Cuir Noir 3.Une Fin De Quelque Chose 4.La Danse De lAmour 5.Ta Peau (Live)
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