12" Vinyl D
Bliq / bliq04

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From the start of this debut release from Amsterdam-based Lapien. one conceives that the young producer is conscientious. >Anvers<. the French name for Belgian port Antwerp. starts in unassuming manner. synths swimming. bass pondering. a gentle cymbal tapping. Its the sound of thoughtful admiration. as if Lapien is standing in front of the citys towering gothic cathedral. motionless in the midst of a now modern metropolis. But then. as loops spring uncomfortably back and an insistent beat thunders into the fray. one realizes that this is no time for admiring architecture: this is a night drive through the city – coarse orange streetlamps. chrome blue reflections. droplet-stained window panes. It is. also. at an unusually and unsettlingly fast pace. dragging its deeper house timbres and textures upwards. Conforces mix is anything but restful: alarms in the distance fall around offbeat rhythms of increasingly diverse dynamics. bringing rain down on the city at night. To end. Fred Ps composition is heavy & uncompromising. yet it quivers with synths washed in beautiful. calming ambience
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