Keyboard Kid 206 - THE TRANSITION EP

Keyboard Kid 206
12" Vinyl UK
Donky Pitch / dky005

Image of the Record Front Side
Image of the Record Back Side
Nice Price Deal !!! Keyboard Kid is from Seattle. Following a string of critically acclaimed self-released beat tapes. remixes and insane amount of productions for Lil B (Keyboard Kid is Lil B s main producer) Donky Pitch are proud to present to you his first official solo release. The Transition EP. Five tracks of hyper-charged synth workouts. off-the-grid hip hop and computer techno. Alongside contemporaries Clams Casino and Main Attrakionz. Keyboard Kid operates at the fore-front of the based / cloud rap music scene that is pouring out of the US at the moment. consistently pushing the boundaries of instrumental and vocal hip hop. With no label backing his beat tapes have already gained him coverage on sites like Urb. Fader and Fact Magazine and magazines like The Wire and DJ.
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