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London based electronic marvel Kel McKeown - aka Kelpe - celebrates ten years of sonic boundary pushing with new maxi single. DRUT001/ Answered - out April 15th - and new LP DRUT002/ Fourth: The Golden Eagle - out June 3rd - both on his brand new label DRUT.
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Setting to work with a selection of analogue synths - Moog, Korg Polysix, Korg MS10 and Doepfer Dark Energy - the Ableton aficionado and purveyor of warped, cut ‘n’ spliced cliq-hop beats has delivered a handcrafted, 10-track masterpiece of an album which draws upon the strengths of his previous three. It’s softer, warmer and more graceful than 2009’s ‘Cambio Wechsel’, with a strong melodic element, and one which will secure his place in the canon of post-IDM greats. Kelpe says of the LP: “On the whole, I was trying to make the warmest and most analogue sounding thing I’ve done, and I think it came out best on ‘Answered’. The rest of the LP, in a way, is an extended build up to that favourite track on the record, which in itself was an opportunity to take leave of everything preceding it and go off on an epic trip.” Rollicking opener and curveball ‘Astrolomy’ brings to mind the mesmeric Anatolian guitar of ‘After Gold’ - a standout track on ‘Cambio Wechsel’ - swishing its tail to syncopated drum rolls as it dodges electro bolts-out-of-the-blue. It’s followed by the lush, soulful, heavenly Baths-esque future pop of ‘Beaks of Eagles’ - with gloopy synths, hollowed beats and obfuscated crowd chatter - the kind of song that chillwave probably wanted to be, but never quite was. The shoegaze-ready ‘Nice Eyes In My Size’, with twinkles of xylophone and twisted, subtractive synths aping the guitar’s wah-ing licks, is pursued and offset by the squelchy industrial clamour of ensuing track ‘Single Stripe’, which metamorphoses from techno to dream-pop in one fell swoop, glossed over with fade-out vocals and a denouement of synthetic steel drums.
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