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Front View : Joix - MANTRA - Lethal Dose Recordings / LDRL003
Back View : Joix - MANTRA - Lethal Dose Recordings / LDRL003

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With the 3-track EP Mantra JOIX opens a new dimension in his electronic music. For the first time he uses his own voice on a larger scale, giving it a machine-like sound that transforms and heightens the meaning of his German words. The lead track -Mantra- refers to the techno movement in Germany in the 90s, which JOIX lived and breathed as a teenager. Those mystical experiences staying awake all night in rooms full of light and sound ďă came close to the trance states attained by chanting Mantras. This is the main idea and the emotional inspiration behind this pulsating A-side track. A touch of nostalgia also comes through -W?˝chter der Nacht-. This tune channels the mysterious night, the search for ecstasy and self-dissolution in music clubs protected by the guards of night. Finally, Klimax is a dancefloor banger that distinguishes itself by whipping up immense energy, and its space-filling melody and enormous hall cascades.

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