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> It felt like a long wait for us. but finally we can present the first artist on our label XXX. JACK PATTERN<. With great honor we introduce to you this collective consists of three producers who live and breath deep in the heart of Switzerland. They delivered four diverse and atmospheric stellar dance floor tracks with serious hints to the late 80s. This first vinyl only release on XXX. will be accompanied with custom made artwork by PATRICK VAN VLIET. Patrick s work has evolved from pop surrealistic. psychedelic imagery to a Dutch social realism. He incorporates social annoyances and public degeneration from day to day life in his images. These images seem familiar but alienate. Alienation by disrupting the familiar with uncanny elements and deviant colors. A perfect mix for this release. XXX is a new label that combines Music. Art and Club Nights curated by SHMLSS. Every artist they invite has the freedom to fill in the X.
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