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Hyetal Returns With His Second Album Modern Worship Lp.
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After making his name with a series of off kilter dance floor releases and collaborative projects – mutant boogie outfit Velour (with Julio Bashmore), and a joint release with Punch Drunk boss Peverelist, Hyetal released his debut album Broadcast in 2011. Modern Worship continues the journey further down the rabbit hole, as a selection of begged, borrowed and stolen analogue equipment rubs up against breathy digital synthesis and sound design. The results are twisted electronic pop songs and soundscapes, with knowing nods to dancefloors across the ages. Percussively a more refined and aggressive record to Broadcast, break-neck drum machines informed by post punk experimentalists and hip hop micro genres are set against melodies conceived from daydreams of childhood nostalgia and imagined futuristic vistas. In parts a collaborative record, three songs were co-written with singer & sonic experimentalist Gwilym Gold, while two reintroduce long time contributor Alison Garner of Invada signed shoegaze band The Fauns. As a whole Modern Worship is a deeply immersive, cohesive listen from start to finish, showing Hyetal's natural ease with the album format. An artist who continues to impress and excite in equal measure, Hyetal proves with 'Modern Worship' that he is one of the most innovative producers working in UK electronic music today.
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