12" Vinyl IT
Analog Response / arp002

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Image of the Record Back Side

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New Analog Response 12 inch vinyl output has been composed by the italian artist Hydergine. a young guy clearly inspired by Basic Channel / Maurizio dub techno sounds. and a wide range of influences in the house/techno/bass fields. After practicing in music production for years. he first released a 12 on the german label Separate Skills which rapidly sold out. leaving a strong mark in the dub-tech scene. Recently. the austrian label Phlox showed another fine Hydergine release on translucent blue 12 inch vinyl. matching the taste of big names like Francois Kevorkian. Laurent Garnier. Brendon Moeller. Kirk Degiorgio. Anton Zap. Terry Francis. Roman Fluegel. Ethyl. Slam. Franklin De Costa. John Osborn and more.
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