Hydergine - GATHERING EP



12" Vinyl D

Tiefenrausch / TR010

Front View : Hydergine - GATHERING EP - Tiefenrausch / TR010
Back View : Hydergine - GATHERING EP - Tiefenrausch / TR010

The Italian producer Hydergine continues his deep sea journey with the tenth Tiefenrausch release. On this EP gather three outstanding dub techno producers with their individual sound. The floating Hydergine sound meets the different approaches by Frank Hellmond and Don Williams. The dancefloor oriented tune „Dissolved“ gives the direction for the EP while „Shamanic Healing“ shows the introspective side of this gathering. With his remix Don Williams comes straight to the point and delivers consistent techno without compromises. Frank Hellmond gives a whole different face of dub techno with a soft and harmonic lead. Audiomaster by SALZ music, pressed on 180gr Vinyl, shrink wrapped and all covered up by the artwork of Alex Ketzer and the imagery from Jules Vernes „20.000 leagues under the sea“. Supported by Dustin Zahn, Luke Hess, Dax J, Grad_U, Philippe Petit, Plural, Jamie McCue, Vincent Neumann, Echo Inspectors, Mareena, Hiver, Arnaud Le Texier and many more...

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