Human Woman
12" Vinyl D
HFN Music / HFN10

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Human Woman is the new signing on hfn music. made up of two very promising artists from Iceland. Gisli Galdur (aka Galdur) of prolifi c Icelandic band Trabant. and producer Jón Atli Helgason (aka Sexy Lazer). Coming together in the studio the pair have forged a fantastic fusion of modern electronic pop. with their debut single. ‚Delusional‘. The EP release. which will be accompanied by a music video. serves as a teaser for the upcoming debut album. which is planned for spring 2012. Taking influences right across the board. the duo have cooked up a sensual. catchy indie-dance track that’s pleasingly reminiscent of the 80s. yet carries a great modern sheen thanks to the production skills of Human Woman. Cinematic. feel-good music for travelling. for friends. for living! Denmark‘s wonder kid Kasper Bjørke is fi rst to get his hands on ‚Delusional‘. introducing a straighter groove which leans more towards the slow-housedisco fraternity in this slow-cooking remix. Berlin‘s Vincenzo then takes it even more cosmic with a bass heavy club mix that maintains the slow tempo yet elevates us to a more hypnotic plain. Clean. pure elements greet us in this luxury remix from the emotive house master. Zev from Wolf & Lamb then has his say with his ‚Brooklyn Beatdown Mix‘. breaking up the beats and tripping things out with some real old-school New York vibes.
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