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Boys Noize / BNRCD009

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Everybody better bring some towels. because Housemeister is about to soak the world in electro champagne. Presenting his third full length music. the dirty don of club music did it again. Touching ravers hearts and hitting ravers right on their heads at the same time. In arts. good ideas are hard to have. but easy to get - masterful musical output is pretty hard to create. but once it’s done. it’s about pure listening pleasure. And with a thousand shitty drugs flooding the streets of music today. it isn’t everyday you get to consume the 100% stuff. “Music Is Awesome” is that shit that’s straight from the kitchen. and Housemeister has produced this bitch to the point like a 5 star chef. It seems playing clubs and crowds all over the world do add to a players game. Add class and confidence. Add experience and excellence. add balls as well as balance. and maybe it just takes 15 years of hardcore DJdom to be able to come out and kill like this. MUSIC IS AWESOME!
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